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A semi-longhair, the Birman is a large and strikingly attractive cat. The Birman's eyes are always a deep blue whilst the long silky body coat is pale, varying from a pale beige in the Seal Point to a coldish blue-white in the Blue Point. The solid pointed colours are Seal (as above), Blue, Chocolate, Lilac and Red; additionally there are Tortie Point, Tabby Point and Tortie Tabby Points. The coat is easy to keep, only requiring a comb through once or twice a week. Knots tend to form behind the ears but otherwise there is no real tendency to matting or knots.

If a breed could be said to have attitude, it is the Birman. I once visited a very well known breeder, the late Muriel Harvey of the Sitah affix, to collect a Somali kitten and left the car doors open as it was a hot day. When I came out with my new kitten there must have been a dozen Birmans in, or sunbathing on, the car. They were encouraged to make themselves scarce but left reluctantly with very dirty looks. I was left in no doubt as to their opinion of me!

All the Birman colours have the same basic colour distribution. The points, that is the colouring on the face, ears, tail and legs is contrasted by white feet. The front paws have white ‘Gloves’ which must not rise above the level of the paw . The hind paws have white which runs up the hind leg in an inverted ‘V’ finishing just below the point of hock. These are known as ‘Gauntlets’. Obviously, these are show characteristics and have no bearing upon their appeal as a pet.  The video shows the markings very clearly.

The Birman is believed to be the Temple Cat from Burma, and the first imports into Europe were in 1919 to France. The breed was quite slow to establish itself and did not achieve recognition in England until 1966. They are strongly built, the males being quite large and great family pets, being playful and even-tempered, getting on well with other cats and even dogs if careful introductions are made.

The Birman offers the glamour of the long-hair without the considerable coat care that a Persian requires and whilst enjoying human company are not over-demanding.

Although Birmans have no particular health problems, it makes good sense to insure your cats.  Many breeders sell their kittens with six weeks free insurance cover.  More and more owners are now insuring their pets as advances in veterinary medicine, plus the soaring costs of drugs can mean astronomical bills.

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Bijoubirmon    Location Leyland, Lancashire.  Colours bred Seal, Blue,Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Cream Points, Tabby Point and Tortie Point. Baygazer Bijoubirmon Troy has joined the family as our in-house stud boy. Email or phone 01772.451373.




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