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The Havana belongs to the Oriental Shorthair group of cats and deserves a page of his own as he is so very striking in his colouring. The rich mahogany brown is particular to the Havanese. The head too is particular to the Oriental, longer than it is broad at its widest point.

The Havana is intelligent and people-oriented, possibly the most dog-like breed who will take comfortably to walking on a harness and manage change reasonably well, his focus being less on territory and more on people.

Long, lean and lithe the  Havana is a solid cat, carrying plenty of muscle though they are finely boned. They probably arrived from Thailand (then Siam) in the 19 th century along with Siamese and Burmese. A contemporary reference is made to a “wholly chocolate-coloured strain of Siamese” being shown in 1894 in London. They were described as “Siamese with coats of burnished chestnut with greeny-blue eyes”. They were evidently also known as the Swiss Mountain Cat. However, like the Burmese, he lost the battle for popularity against the glamorous blue-eyed Siamese.

The Havana has never been bred in large numbers, though are probably the best known of the Oriental shorthairs.

Although Havana have no particular health problems, it makes good sense to insure your cats.  Many breeders sell their kittens with six weeks free insurance cover.  More and more owners are now insuring their pets as advances in veterinary medicine, plus the soaring costs of drugs can mean astronomical bills.

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