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Professionally Designed Easy to Edit Websites Just £99 Including Advertising Link

Product Advertising on has been re-designed in order to meet requests we have received for commercial advertising to be placed on the site.

Top Banner, Left and Right Skyscraper are all available, for text, image or video advertising.
We can also create highly optimised advertorial to support your product; as you would expect from a site that consistently achieves the top position in Google we are extremely effective at optimising pages for search engines.

On the breed pages we are experimenting with video clips. This block will be available for hot-linking.


Web Statistics uses cPanel to record activity on the site. It is a comprehensive programme, giving a detailed searchable log of all aspects of usage. Visitor numbers are analysed for time, country and search terms. Pages by entry and exit, data transfer and views.

The highly detailed keyword and keyphrase reporting gives us the tools to rework pages and keep them fine-tuned. 7,000 keyphrases were used to access last month. We believe that our analysis of cat-related searches is unbeatable. 

We are further supported by Google Analytics.

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Daily Page Views

Page views are currently 5,000 a day.  Uniques last month were 42,000, with visitor numbers steadily rising.

The re-designed site is improved in every way and we anticipate much increased traffic.  To discuss your advertising requirements mail us or phone on 0871 288 7064. and

Together these sites are receiving 15,000 daily page views and 7,000 visitors. The content is distinctive, and the intention is to develop editorial content to give added value.

We anticipate the re-designed sites, particularly with their innovative use of video, will attract many more visitors.  Statistics will be updated regularly on this page.

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